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Enough! firmly believes in the use of cultural activism as one of the key acupuncture points to disrupt existing narratives, (re)imagine alternatives and to (re)create cultural codes, messages and values for our future(s). Enough! want to puncture the collective consciousness and provoke questioning, ideas and action.

The creative response commissions six artists (self-identified) through a combination of invitation and open call, to undertake projects that engage with ideas these ideas around degrowth. As part of the commissioning process, applicants participate in a weekend retreat/workshop in the summer of 2019.

A chance to meet each other

The weekend consists of explorations on cultural activism/hacking/jamming and
decoloniality/degrowth/deep adaptation. It gives selected artists a chance to meet each other and discuss/develop ideas as part of a wider conversation.

The weekend also provides an opportunity for discovering ways in which people and projects can complement each other, and instil a sense of learning and support between artists and communities.


The artists are supported to lead on a programme of events including talks, screenings, workshops which will highlight the work they are undertaking and explore how current social, political, civic and economic issues can be understood in relation to climate change.

We recognise the connection between climate change and our culture of ‘consumption’ isn’t being made to broader intersectional issues within our societies; increased suspicion and competition towards each other, huge debts, the erosion of care and ever worsening living and working conditions.

The work from the creative response strand will collectively be exhibited from November 2019 and/or into 2020.

Enough! intend that this work will have a legacy and will create a resource pack based on the Toolkit for the Untelevised to be made available to anyone afterwards.

Degrowth Commission
A series of events and collection of media content to develop conversations and networks of action around alternative ways of organising in Scotland.
Routes Response
A series of travel bursaries to specifically support activists based in Scotland to go on a low carbon reconnaissance trip and bring back ideas from other countries about how to practically implement economic, social and climate alternatives.
Creative Response
A research and development programme for creative practitioners who want to respond to the Enough! themes and engage in the development of new work to extend their creative practice.
Community Response
An initial pilot exploring how big ideas like degrowth and deep adaption can have practical applications on the ground in local communities in Scotland.

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